Tubing Brush



Use this to clean the delivery tube with ease.


1.) Remove the delivery tube from your Rejuva Jar.
2.) Remove the tip from the other end of the delivery tube.
3.) Insert the tubing brush, into the delivery tube and brush as needed.
4.) The brush does not reach the entire tube from one end. Complete the brushing by inserting the tubing brush from the opposite end of the tube and brush as needed.

Tube Cleaning Tips:

– The Roll Cleaning Technique – pinch and roll simultaneously the tubing, to break apart any debris that may be stuck inside of the tubing.
– Running hot distilled water through the tubing prior to brushing/rolling will help loosen any debris that my be in the tubing.
– If any buildup occurs at either end of the tubing, it can be trimmed as needed.

Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 1 × 1 in


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