Delivery Tube Adapter Fitting



This deliver tube adapter fitting comes with (2) new o-rings and NOT the nut.
The nut must be purchased separately.

Be careful when removing the old fitting!
Tools may be necessary for removal and reinstallation. Hand tightening should be sufficient.

Replacement Instructions:

Prior to istallation, inspect the original fitting in-place firmness and o-ring’s compression against the glass. Use this inspection as a “template” for the proper installation of the new fitting. .

1.) Hold the fitting from the OUTSIDE of the jar. Reach into the jar and turn the nut on the fitting COUNTER CLOCKWISE to remove it.

2.) Remove the inner o-ring to remove the delivery tube adapter fitting from the jar.

3.) Insert the new fitting into place with (1) o-ring installed BEFORE placement.

4.) Holding the fitting in place, reach into the jar and install the 2nd o-ring over the fitting threads.

5.) While still holding the fitting from the outside, install the nut onto the threads by turning CLOCKWISE.

6.) Tighten until o-rings are compressed enough to achive a leak-proof seal.

IMPORTANT – Do NOT overtighten delivery tube fitting and nut. Only tighten enough to orevent leakage.


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